There's martial arts schools in our area that teaches one style of training and then tries to fit everyone into that one program that serves only one goal.  And then they try to take that one program and convince you that it will work for your goal, no matter what it is.

And then you have the typical gym in the area. They really only have machines and personal trainers.

Once again... they want to convince you that what they offer is going to help you reach your goal. You either do it on your own, which, let's be honest, most times never works out, for a cheap price tag...

Or, what they really want you to do is to hire a trainer with a high price tag.

But what if your goal didn't match those places?

Or... what if your goal came with a budget?

What if you want help and don't want to be forced to pay top dollar?

You should know by now... one size does not fit all!

That's NOT The Training Compound!

Our training is structured to fit specific goals. We do not try to convince you to make your goal fit our training.

And, we've been doing this since 2009!

Look... we may not be the place for you, but just in case...

Select your goal below and see if we are a fit for you!


Right Now We Are Having Our Black And White Sale!

(Our gym colors are Black and White... get it? LOL)

This Sale Expired This FRIDAY!

The First 5 People To Sign Up Get
2 Months For The Price Of 1
Plus All The Equipment Needed To Get Started For FREE!

After that, we are offering 1 Month + All The Equipment Needed To Get Started
For The Price Of 1 Month.


There are no contracts or obligations to join 🙂

I Want My Child To Be
Prepared For Life! 

We've seen it all... Bullying, Lack of Confidence, the need for Discipline and the need for a Healthy Environment to Help Kids Learn Leadership and Grow!

We've been helping kids to learn to overcome obstacles and understand how to work hard to be successful.

I Want To Be Able To
Protect Myself!

We all know the world is getting crazy out there and it doesn't seem to be settling down. The need to know how to protect yourself is real!

We want to help you develop the tools you need to protect yourself and loved ones at your own pace.

I Want To Get Into
Amazing Shape!

You and I know that getting into shape isn't easy. Most of us try on our own and never seem to succeed...  but that doesn't mean training has to be boring or a Do It Yourself project either!

Let's see how TTC can get you on the path to becoming a better you!

I Have A Need To Fulfill
My Competitive Side!

Some of us out there feel their best when we have challenges, competition and when we have people that will push us to reach new heights.

Our training can help fill that need to compete. We can not only fill that need, we can train you to become a winner!