No-Gi Judo & Submission Wrestling in Tecumseh, Clinton and Adrian


Are you a Grappler, Wrestler, or interested in getting into Submission Wrestling?

  • Are you looking for a program design for competitions?
  • Are you looking for a training program that will build you up to an elite grappler?
  • Are you looking for a program that can not only win in tournaments, but give you a serious MMA Ground Game?

The Training Compound's No-Gi Judo & Submission Wrestling Training Program is exactly what you're looking for! And we're offering the ONLY No-Gi Judo & Submission Wrestling Training Program in the Lenawee Area!

The Training Compound has developed the first certified No-Gi Judo & Submission Wrestling program that has been officially Certified by the United States Judo Association! We offer the BEST program for No-Gi Judo & Submission Wrestling (Submission Grappling) in Tecumseh, Clinton, Adrian, Brooklyn, Onsted, Manchester, Tipton and Lenawee County. Our No-Gi Judo and Submission Wrestling has been known as one of the most successful grappling or wrestling programs in the area.

The Training Compound is the first MMA training facility in Lenawee County. We have developed our own, highly effective, No-Gi Submission Wrestling and Grappling System that is based off of Judo. The system started by focusing on the ground wrestling and grappling aspect of Judo then continue to evolve into a system on it's own that has standing offensive strategies to compete against Wrestlers and Jiu Jitsu players. Our style came from adding all the Takedowns and Dominance of Wrestling with the Throws, Control and Submissions of Judo. Also, this program is 100% focuses on competition for Grappling Tournaments or Mixed Martial Arts.


We want to see you Succeed!

Most of our members are Off-Season Wrestlers looking to go keep up on practice or get into grappling tournaments while they aren't competing in wrestling.

The biggest point you will notice is that we start everyone off with a wrestling base, then start to move them to upper body techniques, then increase to Judo Throws once they can control their opponents.

Our program is based off keeping you in a dominant position at all times, and if you are not, taking you from a weaker position, through counter offensive techniques, and putting you back in the driver seat.

We have been training Winning Grapplers at The Training Compound since 2009:

  • You're going to learn the techniques at your own pace
  • The goal is to help you identify opening to win
  • We will teach you how to get out of any bad situation
  • You're going to be on the path to earning your Black Belt
    (Which most grappling programs don't even have!)
  • We're going to give you all the tools to be successful and win

I'm sure when you were searching the internet, this was the type of program you were looking for!

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Like other martial arts, No-Gi Judo & Submission Grappling is taught at the Training Compound as a structured curriculum. This curriculum is focused on competition.

Your training starts in our Skills Program where you'll learn Offensive Throwing Techniques, Dominant Positions and Offensive Submissions. This is where you will learn fundamentals and the basis for becoming a No-Gi Judoka (No-Gi Judo Player). This program will take you from a Non-Rank to a Black Belt.

Once in our Skills Program, to ensure you will become a dominant Grappler, you will then be invited to train in our Gladiator Program which focuses on Escapes, Throws, Counters, Submissions but mainly Competition Tactics. When you're a Gladiator, most of your Competition strategies are learned here. Rondori (Free Practice) will be used to start associating techniques with situations. This program will concentrate on becoming a complete No-Gi Judoka and the ability to compete at a high level. This level is all about being able to handle all situations thrown at you. The emphasis in these ranks will be Randori and Diversity of Techniques.


If you are looking for a martial arts program like Grappling, Submission Wrestling and No-Gi BJJ that is great for competing in Tecumseh, Clinton, Adrian, Brooklyn, Onsted, Manchester and Tipton, this is the program for you.

We want to talk to you and find out your goal! We want to get you in the gym, talk about your goals and how we help you reach them!

You'll be exposed to a lot of training that most wrestling programs don't offer and most martial arts schools around here haven't even seen!

We want you to become part of our team and one of our No-Gi Judo & Submission Wrestling Grapplers here at The Training Compound!

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Want More Information About Our Program?

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If you are looking for a martial arts program like Grappling, Submission Wrestling and No-Gi BJJ that is great for Competing in Clinton MI, Tecumseh MI, Adrian MI, Brooklyn MI and Onsted MI... this is the program for you and you will quickly learn and excel in the program.